Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination with travellers from around the world choosing to spend their holidays there. Attractions range from a fascinating culture to sandy beaches, peaceful inland rainforests, picturesque rugged landscapes and a varied and delicious cuisine.  

Places to visit in Vietnam include Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. It is seen as the effervescent economic centre of Vietnam. Some people may find it to be a hectic and terribly noisy city, but to others, the former ‘Paris of the East’ offers some of Vietnam's best restaurants and cafés and an intense nightlife.

The other place to see is Hanoi, the historic heart of Vietnam and the country's capital. It is one of the most fascinating cities in South East Asia. As a result of the country’s isolation from the west after 1954, the French and Chinese colonial architecture has been preserved as a magnificent tribute to a great era of the city’s design.There are many attractions including museums, theatres, pagodas and the Temple of Literature.

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