Thailand lies at the heart of Indochina and is its most visited destination and without doubt one of the most enjoyable places in the world in which to take a holiday. Blessed with a tropical climate that is neither too hot, too dry nor too wet, travelling in Thailand is relatively comfortable at any time of the year. It is also best known for its world-acclaimed resorts, islands and beaches, heritage, history and culture in equal measure as well as an extensive and diverse landscape. Away from Bangkok and Thailand’s well-known beach resorts, the central plains, northern highlands and eastern provinces remain relatively unexplored. All are steeped in a heritage and social fabric evident throughout the entire region, in the architecture, the cuisine, the language and the people.
Thailand is comprised of four distinct geographical regions, each with its own character: the mountainous North, with a profusion of multicoloured orchids, colourful native handicrafts and winter temperatures cool enough to cultivate temperate fruit and vegetables; the high Northeast Plateau with its striking archaeological and anthropological sites; the Central Plains, the nation’s rice bowl with Bangkok at its southern limit, watered by the Chao Phraya River. The South is different again, a narrow peninsula with the Andaman Sea on its western flank and the Gulf of Thailand to the east. Both coastlines are fringed with white sandy beaches and many accessible offshore islands.
The combined experiences of generations of tourists and travellers alike all place Thailand amongst the world’s most visitor-friendly destinations. A safe and welcoming environment where the legendary Thai smile is guaranteed. Even in the busy metropolis of Bangkok, typical Thai characteristics shine through. The uniqueness of the food, the social customs, the temples and the Buddhist aura all provide an eternal appeal. The Thai people are perhaps the country’s greatest asset. Whether in Bangkok, on a white sandy southern beach by the emerald seas or in the green mountain forests of the North, visitors to Thailand will always feel that they are amongst friends.

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