The allure of Langkawi is obvious to see with its miles of powdery white-sand beaches, swaying palms and translucent sea. The largest island in an archipelago of over 100 islands dotted around the main coast of north western Malaysia in the Andaman Sea. An island of unspoilt beauty, crystal clear waters lap pristine beaches, ancient rainforests, tangled mangrove swamps, prehistoric limestone caves, towering ancient sea stacks pierce the brilliant blue skies with the most diverse tropical ecosystem on the planet in the Langkawi Geoforest Park. A mystical island of folklore and legends surrounding beautiful lakes and waterfalls, The Lake of the Pregnant Maiden, The Seven Wells and Marhsuri’s Tomb, this truly spectacular destination is an island paradise, with some of Malaysia’s finest hotels, resorts and spas. Whether you explore Langkawi’s natural wonders, dive in a kaleidoscope of tropical fish in the abundant coral reefs, spend a day islanding hopping, enjoying eclectic cuisine,  rejuvenate at one of Langkawi’s premier Spas, or just relax on a lazy holiday in a fabulous resort, Langkawi has it all.

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