Indonesia’s vast archipelago is home to 17,000 islands, each one with its own unique personality, diverse culture and spectacular scenery. Bali’s famous surfing beaches and stunning Balinese resorts, blends beautifully with bohemian Ubud, nestled in the hills above Bali and home to the Balinese Royal Family.  Verdant forests, including the Sacred Monkey Forest, home to 600 mischievous long-tailed macaque monkeys and spectacular river gorges, experience an authentic flavour of Balinese traditions in the local villages. East meets West in the bustling city of Java, home to two thirds of Indonesia’s population, away from the city the horizon is dotted with spectacular mountains, volcanos and temples. Elephant treks through Tangkahan, search for the largest species of lizard the Komodo dragon on the Island of Komodo or meet the ‘Old Man of the Jungle’ the iconic Orang utan in Northern Sumatra.This spectacular archipelago is truly ‘Wonderful Indonesia’.

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