If you seek adventure, then Bolivia seeks you. It's natural beauty is boundless but it is rough around the edges, and slightly nerve-racking - making Bolivia one of South America’s most diverse nations.

Be warned - exploring Bolivia's landscape is not for the faint of heart. Bolivia’s rocks, rivers, and ravines will push your own personal limits. However, those daring enough to take up the challenge will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences.  One moment you will be rattling down the World’s most dangerous road into sultry Yungas; then soaring breathless above verdant La Paz valleys in a paraglider the next. That's not all. Do not be surprise if you go fishing along the Amazon River and end up pulling a catfish that outweighs you. Both the bizarre and beautiful are evident here. 

Nature-lovers will be in for a treat in Bolivia. Here, you can tiptoe into caves filled with bats, or listen for the cackling call-and-response of a dozen different macaw and bird species. That’s not all – as you are bound to spot multi-coloured butterflies and moths fluttering by wherever you go. 
When it comes to culture, Bolivia is teeming with it. If you love to go sightseeing, then amateur archaeologists can delve into a rich, multi-layered treasure trove of artefacts as Bolivia has South America’s largest percentage of indigenous people. If you love to party, then you are in luck as locals love a parade, and hardly a month passes without a procession of brightly costumed celebrants honouring an important historical date or deity. You’ll hear them from blocks away before the brass bands and dancers approach and then encourage you join in. 
It's cuisine and drink is as unique as its land. If you have never tried a llama tenderloin, then you will have plenty of chances inside it's countless restaurants. And perhaps you will wash it down with some quinoa-based beer.  Vegetarians can feast on sonsos, the yucca-and-cheese pancake of the camba, and savour tropical fruit juices like passionfruit and custard apple. 

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