Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East’s guarantee of beautiful weather and luxurious hotels makes the Arabian Gulf a year round holiday destination.  Dubai’s state of the art skyscrapers sit next to the traditional minarets. You can lie on pristine white sandy beaches or experience the fast and furious dune driving safaris. The Sultanate of Oman one of the oldest civilisation in the Arabian Peninsula is home to historic old forts dating back to the 17th Century. Explore the treasures of Egypt, its magnificent pyramids and majestic pharaohs’ tombs; the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo is home to the treasures of Tutankhamun and much more. Escape the heat and view Egypt from your luxury cabin on a Nile Cruise or travel north to Alexandra known as ‘the Pearl of the Mediterranean", once the centre of learning in ancient Egypt.

To the East Tunisia is the perfect mix of beach and culture. Explore Arab-Islamic architecture and colourful souks whilst soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches. Morocco is just three and half hours away by air, so is an ideal long-weekend destination to escape the European winter, either to explore its medieval towns and cities or relax on its pristine white beaches.

Destinations in Middle East and North Africa