Get ready to be enchanted by Izmir, which is considered the frontier and sunshine city of Turkey.  Tourists flock to Turkey's third largest city, which is home to luxury hotels, bustling bars and restaurants as well as many shops and markets. 

In fact, if you love shopping then be sure to visit Kemeralti Market, which is a labyrinthine bazaar that also has eateries, artisan workshops, mosques, coffeehouses, tea gardens and synagogues. You can easily spend a day exploring its crowded and colourful streets, historic places of worship, and hidden courtyards. 
But Izmir is most famous for its azure-blue bay, which has been an important Aegean port since ancient times, when it was the Greek city of Smyrna. To this day its seafront promenade Kordonis lively andlined with bars, cafes and restaurants. This means many locals congregate here at the end of the day to meet with friends, relax on the grass and watch the picture-perfect sunsets.
Natural beauty is also abundant here as Izmir is home to olives, figs and grape plantations.
However, this is not the only pull to the city. In fact, it enjoys8,500 years of history, which is evident in its many ancient landmarks. If you enjoy sightseeing then check out the famous Agora ruins which date from the end of the 4th century BC. The landmark also features an eye-catching gate, vaulted chambers and cisterns in the basements.

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