Eskisehir is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Turkey. It has all you’d want for a city break as it boasts fascinating museums, historical ruins, an atmospheric old quarter, a roaring nightlife, mouth-watering cuisine, and picturesque parks.

It is no wonder that Eskisehir is increasingly popular with Turkish weekenders, and even a small community of dedicated foreigners.
Eskisehir’s progressive spirit is thanks to mayor Yilmaz Buyukersen, who understood the potential of the city's Porsuk River, by adding walking bridges, a sand beach, pedestrian thoroughfares and an efficient tram system. In summer you can even explore the Porsuk by gondola or boat.
There is so much to see and do here. It is worth checking out Odunpazari, which is the city’s protected heritage district that boasts pastel-shaded homes with distinctive wood-framed shutters, majestic mosques and countless historic landmarks. You will have an enchanting time strolling through its narrow lanes and discovering that many of the houses contain museums and cafes, while craftwork and vintage stalls dot the lanes.
It’s worth having your camera on hand as you are bound to spot great photo opportunities at every turn. This makes it the ideal place to take holiday selfies to post online and make all your family and friends at home green with envy. 

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