Discover Japan’s charming blend of ancient traditions and cutting edge modernity. Enjoy stunning scenery from the iconic snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji, bubbling hot springs, tranquil Zen Temples, majestic castles in juxtaposition frenetic thrilling neon lit urban cities, high-speed bullet trains and a quirky kaleidoscope of Cosplay costumes. Travel to Kyoto a city of grand palaces; here you will experience elegant shuffling Geisha, Zen rock gardens, bamboo groves, ornate shrines and classic Japanese cuisine. For excellent shopping, great food and high-energy karaoke head of Osaka. Hokkaido’s nature reserves, rolling hills, valleys, lakes and rivers showcases Japans stunning natural scenery. Choose from tailor-made itineraries, group travel or self-guided adventures, Japan is a holiday of a lifetime.

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