Discover Japan’s charming blend of ancient traditions and cutting edge modernity. Enjoy stunning scenery from the iconic snow-capped peaks of Mount Fuji, bubbling hot springs, tranquil Zen Temples, majestic castles in juxtaposition frenetic thrilling neon lit urban cities, high-speed bullet trains and a quirky kaleidoscope of Cosplay costumes. Travel to Kyoto a city of grand palaces; here you will experience elegant shuffling Geisha, Zen rock gardens, bamboo groves, ornate shrines and classic Japanese cuisine. For excellent shopping, great food and high-energy karaoke head of Osaka. Hokkaido’s nature reserves, rolling hills, valleys, lakes and rivers showcases Japans stunning natural scenery. Choose from tailor-made itineraries, group travel or self-guided adventures, Japan is a holiday of a lifetime.


General Information about Japan  
Flight time Approximately 11hours 30mins
GMT - +9hrs
Visa not required
From the cold winters and mild summers of Hokkaido to the subtropical climate of Okinawa, the Japanese weather is very varied. Even in the same city, both extremes of weather can be encountered in one year-Sapporo in Hokkaido can experience temperatures of minus 10 in the winter, but heat waves of 30 degrees in the summer are not an uncommon occurrence.
Summer temperatures on the mainland are usually between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade. In the early part of the summer (mid-June to mid-July) there is a rainy season lasting a few weeks, but it is interrupted by days of fine weather. Rains come back in late summer because of the typhoons, although they normally last a day.
WIFI and Electricity
The standard voltage is 100V across the region, but the wavelengths vary: 60Hz in western Japan and 50Hz in Tokyo and the east.
Japan is in a major earthquake environment, and earthquakes of varying sizes happen very regularly, but many of them you won't feel.
Japan provides excellent potential for shoppers—especially pearls, electronics, cameras, computers, silk goods, woodblock prints, pottery, paper, and a wide variety of other Japanese arts and crafts.

Destinations in Japan

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