East Asia – Japan, China and Korea:

Discover luscious green landscapes, explore lively cities and taste unique cuisines on a multi centre holiday to East Asia, which includes stops in Japan, China and Korea.
It comes as no surprise that China offers a spectacular range of natural and cultural landscapes as well as captivating ancient traditions. You will be wowed when you visit iconic cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, where a combination of China’s ancient monuments and modern architecture provide the perfect contrast. Or perhaps you will choose to delve into the fascinating Chinese culture in Xi'an where thousands of terracotta warriors stand guard, or come face-to-face with cute pandas in Chengdu. Maybe you will want to witness the breathtaking landscapes of Guilin and the River Li, or drift through the beautiful Three Gorges of the Yangtze River on a cruise. But that is not all. Did you know you can also enjoy a beach holiday in China? Yes, that’s right, the southern city of Sanya on Hainan Island is rapidly emerging as China’s newest beach resort, thanks to its stunning sandy beaches, lush greenery and tranquil waters. 
Don’t forget to also visit Japan, which is forging a lead in technology yet faithfully holding onto its traditions and culture. You will adore exploring the busy capital Tokyo and then enjoying  the culture and history in Kyoto, Nara and Nikko.
Outdoor lovers will adore Hakone, while rural Japan is best experienced in Shikoku or Kyushi.
Need more inspiration? Then it is worth visiting South Korea, which is a must for anyone with a keen interest in history as it is home to ten World Heritage Sites. A trip to South Korea also offers the chance to experience a destination that is off the beaten track in East Asia.
Almost all journeys to South Korea begin in its bustling capital Seoul. It is also worth going to visit the DMZ and the border with the North. Whatever you want, our travel specialists are ready and waiting to make all your travel dreams come true. 

Other Destinations in East Asia