If you yearn to see the full majesty of mother nature, then there is nowhere else like Kyrgyzstan. This nation is defined by its natural beauty of unspoilt mountains capes, stark craggy ridges, and rolling summer pastures. A trip here brings to life its semi-nomadic, and yurt-dwelling shepherd culture. It's easy to see why Kyrgyzstan is the gateway of choice for many travellers in Central Asia, thanks to its visa-free travel. The vast majority of its main attractions are rural and high altitude, so be sure to time your visit carefully. Summer is ideal for hikes. Midsummer also sees Kazakh and Russian tourists converge on the beaches of Lake Issyk-Köl. From October to May, much rural accommodation closes down and the yurts that add such character to the Alpine vistas are stashed away. So, think twice about a winter visit unless you want to ski.

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