Belize is a great destination to visit as it offers a wealth of exotic wildlife and natural beauty, access to some of the Maya civilisation’s most impressive ancient archaeological sites as well as opportunities to mix with modern-day Maya communities, lovely white-sand beaches and amazing snorkelling & diving along the world’s second-longest Barrier Reef.

Top Country Highlights

The wildlife - over 500 species of birds call Belize home, and these share their rainforest habitat with howler monkeys, spider monkeys, coatimundi and tapirs, among others
You may spot the elusive jaguar - or one of its more diminutive cousins such as the puma, ocelot, margay or jaguarundi
The culture - the rainforests of Belize are literally littered with ancient Mayan ruins, but only a tiny percentage have been excavated. We especially love those at Lamanai and Caracol, but there are many more to explore
Relax of one the 174 miles of coastline fringed with numerous atolls, known as Cayes.

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