Antigua has it all - colourful Caribbean lifestyle, palm tree lined powder soft white beaches lapped by the pristine Caribbean seas, with necklaces of coral reefs teaming with brilliant tropical fish, this idyllic island is everything you want in a Caribbean Island Escape.


General Information about Antigua 



Flight time Approximately 9 hours 

GMT - 4 hours

If you are a British citizen, you don't need a visa to visit Antigua.

The Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$) is the local currency and is 'tied' to US$ for conversion-US$ accepted in most areas.

A 10% tip is normal, but not necessary in all-inclusive resorts.



The dry season is from January to April.

The climate in Antigua is hot and humid all year round.

There is a higher chance of hurricanes between August and October-all hotels have safety procedures in place, as you would expect!



It is better to use insect repellent all year long.

Tap water is safe to drink, although it can taste strange. We recommend that you stick to filtered water.


WIFI and Electricity 

Many hotels have WiFi, but expect a slower pace than at home.

Electrical devices use 230 voltage two-flat pin sockets.



Corn and sweet potatoes are popular in Antigua, with fresh lobster, red snapper and shrimp too. 

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